The Great Outdoor & 4×4 Expo 2019 – Mildura ⋆ Panorama Campers
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The Great Outdoor & 4×4 Expo 2019 – Mildura

The Great Outdoor & 4×4 Expo 2019 – Mildura

The Great Outdoor Expo is owned and organised by Richard and Carol Hiscock, who have a combined 45 years experience in the exhibition and event industry.

The Great Outdoor Expo’s focus is to stage excellent events which meet both industry and customer needs. Their committed team understands the importance in identifying and meeting customer expectations, and so tailors solutions to ensure each exhibitor has a rewarding show experience.

The Great Outdoor Expo aims to create unequalled face to face business opportunities by delivering market leading exhibitions in regional Victoria. The foundation of our business is built on exceptional customer service, respect and integrity in the pursuit of mutually beneficial outcomes.

The organisers believe there is no better way to promote, develop and showcase the latest recreational products than in a well organised exhibition.