Echo 4×4 Kunene Off-road Caravan ⋆ Panorama Campers
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Echo 4×4 Kunene Off-road Caravan

Echo 4×4 Kunene Off-road Caravan

Adaptable, durable, luxurious and modern. The new Kunene off-road caravan is the ideal home for every adventure.
Every element of the Kunene was designed to provide a practical camping experience without compromising on comfort or ambiance. The high-tech interior comes with a variety of practical amenities and accessories, including ample storage space, modern fittings and lighting and an advanced electrical system.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Kunene is the amount of interior space that has been provided thanks to its innovative design – and illustrated by the Kunene’s dimensions: 6 015mm (l) x 2 000mm (w) and 2 225mm (h). The Kunene can sleep two to five people comfortably, making it perfect for an outdoor family holiday. The main double bed is a practical island layout, providing maximum space and ease of movement in the caravan, while the front tent comes with extra headroom, large ventilated windows and a comfortable 120mm-thick mattress. The large floor walking space in the Kunene comes with high-quality durable floor covering, which is extremely easy to clean and maintain – again adding an increased level of comfort and convenience in the shared space.

There are also many features in the Kunene that are a first for the industry, such as the patented bedding storage area underneath the double bed, luxury high-quality block-out insulated roller blind and the extra-large door height and width. It’s this attention to detail and considered design of the Kunene that ensure the ultimate experience for

It is not only the interior of the Kunene that makes it unique. While the caravan’s aerodynamic design makes it light, this doesn’t jeopardize the ruggedness of the Kunene – making it a tough, low-maintenance and lightweight caravan.
Rugged outdoor adventures often expose you to extreme temperatures, but the Kunene’s insulated side panelling ensures that the interior is protected against the heat and cold. The unit comes with an air-con, but if you prefer natural ventilation, optional mosquito netting over the door areas can be included.

With the option to include a variety of extra design details and features – both interior and exterior – the Kunene can be crafted to suit individual camping needs so that every camping adventure can take place in the dream off-road home.

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